For your convenience, Mark Jones Consulting has compiled several websites that may be of use to you as you seek further information regarding alternative dispute resolution.

The Master Builders Australia (MBA) is a large organization focusing on the Australian building and construction industry. If you are in need of an Adjudicator, the MBA is able to assign you an Adjudicator to settle a dispute. There is also information about dispute resolution available. Mark Jones is a registered as Adjudicator no. 19 with the MBA.

The Institute of Arbitrators and Mediators Australia (IAMA) is another industry body that aims to facilitate dispute resolution. There is a variety of information available on their website, as well as services relating to Arbitration, Mediation, Adjudication, Conciliation and Expert Determination. Mark Jones is a member of IAMA.

The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIARB) has a wealth of information available online regarding dispute resolution. Mark Jones is a member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.